Next Generation – Terms and Conditions

Geno 2.0 Next Generation Terms and Conditions:

Thank you for your interest in the Genographic Project. By purchasing a Genographic Project Geno 2.0 Next Generation DNA Test Kit, you are about to take the first step in participating in this groundbreaking project. This policy is meant to explain the terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of the Genographic Project Geno 2.0 Next Generation DNA Test Kit, and to participation in the Genographic Project, as well as an explanation of how the personal information provided by you will be used by National Geographic.

Throughout this document, the term National Geographic refers to National Geographic, its affiliates, agents, partners, contractors and licensees.

How does the Genographic Project – Geno 2.0 Next Generation work?

If you choose to purchase a Geno 2.0 Next Generation Kit (a “Kit”), we will ship the Kit to you via U.S. Mail, UPS or other courier service. The Kit will provide detailed instructions on collecting a sample of cells from inside your cheek and returning the sample to us so that we can do the DNA analysis to provide you with your own genetic migratory profile. Please read the instructions provided carefully. The Kit contains a Genographic Project Participant ID code  for access to the Genographic Project participant web page.  YOU MUST RETAIN THIS PARTICIPANT ID CODE IN ORDER TO ACCESS YOUR GENETIC MIGRATORY PROFILE.

Once you have followed the instructions and collected your sample, you must return the sample to National Geographic.

The Kit will contain a Consent to DNA Testing Form, which must be completed and returned to National Geographic in order for the Kit to be processed.  Please read this consent form carefully for important information about the genetic tests that will be performed.

This test will reveal genetic aspects of your deep ancestry. You will be able to learn which different geographic regions around the world your ancestors migrated through.  AS PART OF THE LABORATORY TESTING PROCESS, THE SAMPLES PROVIDED WILL BE TESTED TO GENERATE INFORMATION THAT, IF ANALZYED, WILL PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, CERTAIN TRAITS AND OTHER CHARACTERISTICS YOU (OR YOUR FAMILY) MAY HAVE.  National Geographic will not conduct this health-related analysis in providing you with the Genographic Project results.  To inquire about obtaining analyses of the health-related information created as part of the test, you may contact National Geographic’s laboratory testing partner for more information about health-related analyses offered and how to purchase them.

NONE OF THESE HEALTH-RELATED ANALYSES WILL BE PERFORMED unless you separately contact the laboratory to request and purchase them, subject to availability.  You may need to give the laboratory additional consent for these health-related analyses.  If you do purchase any of those additional analyses from the laboratory, NONE OF THE HEALTH-RELATED ANALYSES WILL BE AVAILABLE TO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC OR THE GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT FOR ANY PURPOSE.

National Geographic does not retain or link any of your personally identifiable information to this Geno 2.0 Next Generation DNA test kit or the DNA sample you send to us. You will use the Genographic Project Participant ID assigned to your kit and samples to access your results online, but it is confidential and anonymous to National Geographic.

When you access the results on the website, you will be given the opportunity to complete a profile and register your Participant ID.  If you choose to complete a profile and register, your personally identifiable information will be linked to your Participant ID, and your genetic information in the Genographic Project database will no longer be anonymous to National Geographic.

When you access your results online, you will also be given the opportunity to participate in a major global effort to collect population genetic data from hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the world. IF YOU AGREE TO PARTICIPATE, THE GENETIC DATA FROM YOUR TEST AND THE ANSWERS YOU PROVIDE TO OUR QUESTIONS INCLUDING SOME PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS YOUR ZIP CODE WILL BE INCLUDED IN OUR DATABASE OF GLOBAL GENETIC INFORMATION AND LINKED TO YOUR PARTICIPANT ID.   Participation in the global database is your choice and is not necessary in order to access your individual test results.

If you have any questions concerning the project, your rights, or the procedures involved, please visit


What personal information does National Geographic require so that I may participate in the Genographic Project, and how will that information be used?

National Geographic requires personal information necessary to complete the credit card transaction and supply you with the Genographic Project Geno 2.0 Next Generation DNA Test Kit. During your online order processing, National Geographic will ask for your name, address, credit card information, phone number, and e-mail address. This information will be used to process your order and will assist us in getting back in touch with you regarding your order. It may also be used as provided in our Privacy Policy . When you provide the DNA sample to the Genographic Project, it will be identified by the Genographic Project Participant ID code provided to you in the Kit.

You must retain this Participant ID code in order to access your genetic migratory profile. We will not know the code enclosed in the Kit sent to you. Results will not be sent in the mail. You must log on to the Genographic Project website to retrieve your results.

The purchase of a Genographic Project Public Participation Kit is governed by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service posted on, as those policies are supplemented here. We encourage you to read our complete Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Is there a time limit for using the Kit? Yes.  The Kit must be returned within twelve (12) months of purchase.   National Geographic reserves the right to not conduct tests of Kits sent back to us more than 12 months after purchase and no refunds will be given.

How long will my results be available online?  Please print your results when you access them online. National Geographic reserves the right to modify the Genographic Website without notice. We also reserve the right to stop providing the Genographic Website by providing at least 90 days advance notice posted on the Website.


Due to the cost of the DNA analysis, once the contents of the Geno 2.0 Next Generation Kit have been opened we cannot accept returns or administer refunds. These terms and conditions override the standard National Geographic return policy.