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The Genographic Project is a research initiative founded in 2005 by geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells. To better understand our human genetic roots, a team of renowned international scientists used cutting-edge genetic and computational technologies to analyze historical patterns in DNA from participants around the world. Today, by contributing your personal results to this research, you can also play an active role in this historic endeavor.

What happens when I contribute my results to research?

When you contribute, the results from your DNA test and the answers you provide for your online profile—including some personal information such as your gender, place of birth, and current zip code—will be linked to your Genographic Participant ID in our database of global genetic information. The geographic information you provide is specifically useful to Genographic Project scientists since it ultimately links a DNA lineage (your results) to a specific place in the world (your birth place or your zip code).

Why should I contribute my results?

By contributing your results you will help us answer important questions relating to how our ancestors came to populate the world, such as: When did humans first reach the Americas? and How closely related are people who speak different Romance languages? Participants from the first phase of the Genographic Project (Geno 1.0) also helped in the discovery of new branches on the human family tree. These discoveries, in turn, allowed scientists to update what to look for in later versions of the project, leading to greater depth of information and higher resolution results for Geno 2.0 and Geno 2.0 Next Generation participants. Each phase of the Genographic Project enriches the next.

What does it mean to link my results in the database and why should I do it?

If you have participated more than once in the Genographic Project or sent in a sample with more than one kit and have multiple results sets, you can choose to contribute them all to the database. If you contribute more than one of your results set to the database, they will be linked together in the database as representing the results from one person. If a research scientist accesses one of your results set, s/he will then also get access to any other linked sets. Linking results sets helps researchers gain a more comprehensive understanding of genetics.

How can I contribute my results?

Contributing your results is your choice. If you are interested in contributing your results to Genographic Project research, please be sure to select this option in your Profile. If you do not choose to contribute your results, they will remain accessible only to you.

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