Giving Back: The Legacy Fund

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Building Capacity. Raising Awareness.

From the Hadzabe hunters in Tanzania, to the Koasek Abenaki people in the United States and Canada, to the Tsaatan in Mongolia, the Genographic Legacy Fund (GLF) works around the globe with indigenous communities, supporting projects and raising awareness about the cultural challenges and pressures faced by indigenous and traditional peoples.

Picture of a woman teaching two young boys in a classroomEfforts range from local language initiatives to preserving community artifacts and teaching traditional farming techniques. The Genographic Project’s distinct legacy component indirectly reciprocates the invaluable contribution made to the project by participating and non-participating groups and individuals.

For more than nine years, and funded by a portion of the net proceeds from the sale of the Genographic Project Participation and DNA Ancestry  Kits as well as by public donations, the GLF created a circle of benefit between the research side of the project, the public participants, and indigenous and traditional communities, resulting in a shared, positive, and ongoing legacy for the Genographic Project.

Since May 2006, the fund has been transforming the public’s huge enthusiasm for the Genographic Project into valuable and sustainable benefits for traditional peoples around the world.

To Learn More about how to apply for a Genographic Legacy Fund grant, visit the Genographic Legacy Fund Grant information page.


Photograph courtesy PAJHRA