Genographic Project

I joined National Geographic's Genographic Project to map the human journey and its scientists ran a cutting-edge test of my DNA.

Here is what I learned about my ancient ancestry:

I Am

Neanderthal Man
Modern Man

As humans were first migrating out of Africa more than 60,000 years ago, Neanderthals were still living in Eurasia. It seems our ancestors hit it off, leaving a small trace of these ancient relatives in my DNA.

I Am


I Am

  • 55% Southwest Asian
  • 28% Southeast Asian
  • 11% Mediterranean
  • 3% Northern European

My Map

My Maternal Lineage Began About 150,000 Years Ago.

My maternal ancestors were some of the earliest people to settle South Asia. This includes modern India and Pakistan. I have cousins among the Tharu of Nepal. They live through a combination of agriculture and gathering resources from the forests. My line is also present in the Romani people, who have an oral tradition tracing back to India.

My maternal branch is R5a2b4

Maternal Map

My Paternal Lineage Began At Least 180,000 Years Ago.

My paternal ancestors journeyed into Central Asia. Hunters of megafauna such as the woolly mammoth on the open steppe, they followed their prey with the seasons. Though the big game later became extinct, my cousins still live as nomadic herders in these lands.

My paternal branch is R-Z94

Paternal Map